Bengal Tax Counsel ( BTC ) has realized this truth and identified this untapped source of endless employment opportunity much earlier than others. Keeping up with the need of the hour, BTC has introduced a tailor made one year training course, Professional Certificate in Accounting and Taxation (PCAT). The PCAT Course, created by BTC, promises to impart much needed professional training to its students on Accounts and Taxation.

The PCAT Course has been meticulously designed to cater to the needs of all budding Accountants and Tax Professionals. The training approach of BTC and its course contents are logical, to the point and pertinent to specific purpose. It imparts in depth knowledge on the subject by putting greater emphasis on practical aspects. All students get a hands-on experience through a variety of project work on different subjects.

PCAT Course gives due importance to Computer education related to Accounts and basics of e-communications. In the days of Computerized Accounting System and e-Filing of virtually all kinds of Tax Returns, use of computers has become the mantra of higher efficiency. BTC realizes that, it is imperative for every Accountant and Tax Professional to be deft in handling appropriate Accounting Software Package with as much ease as using a pen or pencil.

Through this PCAT Course BTC just reshapes and streamlines its academically inclined students. The PCAT Course enriches them with vital practical knowledge and gives basic confidence before embarking on a successful journey either as an entrepreneur, employee or self employed tax consultant.

Students are bound to succeed as Accountants or Tax Consultants in the commercial world, after studying this PCAT Course.

On the Right Track – Towards a Promising Future

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