Career in Taxation and Accounting – A Promising Future

The World has changed a lot lately. So has the field of business and employment. Indian business houses have undergone a sea change in the face of liberalization. They are more streamlined now in the face of stiff competition, shedding all wasteful expenses and adopting a goal oriented and focused approach. Global competition has forced several large and medium business houses to readjust their old techniques of business operations and look out for higher level of competence in terms of quality and service. Clearly a time has come for ‘Survival of The Fittest’.

In this highly competitive market, profitability is under tremendous pressure for all business organizations. Business houses have realized that if the resources are not managed properly, they cannot survive any longer. The requirement for efficient resource management has created a need for effective accounts management and taxation control. These days, Accounts are considered as important as Sales, Marketing, Production and R&D.

As a natural fall back, an ever growing need for efficient Accounts personnel and proficient Tax Consultants has been created. It is a well accepted fact now that every business house needs skillful people with the knowledge of modern accounting procedures and current taxation laws.

In the State of West Bengal, at present the scope is enormous and bound to increase steadily in the future. With the advent of Value Added Tax (VAT) since April 2005, the imposition of Service Tax on 109 service sectors and a huge increase in the number of Income Tax Payers, demand for knowledgeable Tax Consultants and
trained Accountants is already there.

Moreover, from April 2010, GST is due to be introduced in the State’s Direct Taxing scenario. This will boost up the demand further.

Scope for Accountants and Tax Consultants is bound to increase manifold.

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