Bengal Tax Counsel ( BTC ) is a Professional Training Institute providing practical training to students in the field of Accounting and Taxation for the development of their professional career. Irrespective of employment or independent practice BTC provides necessary career building tips to succeed in their work field.

Bengal Tax Counsel has developed a professional training course of one year duration, through which it trains its students the application of the modern Accounting and Taxation system. BTC, through its unique professional training package, attempts to transform a fresh student, who is just equipped with theoretical knowledge, into a confident professional ready to face the market without fear.

Bengal Tax Counsel is always keen on imparting real knowledge to its students. It never believes in the theory of providing any sort of symbolic employment to its students just to serve its purpose of publicity. BTC knows that, it is not so difficult to offer employment in some place or the other, but it could be extremely tough for the student to retain that employment if he/she lacks proper knowledge of the subject. Their will be no dearth of employment for the students who know their job and possess in-depth knowledge.

That is why Bengal Tax Counsel never looks for such students who come to take the professional training course for mere employment, rather than wanting to learn the subjects seriously. BTC teaches its students that there is no short cut to success except having in-depth knowledge.

All along Bengal Tax Counsel has believed and promoted the idea of SELF EMPLOYMENT and encouraged its students to make independent career of their own and to become their own boss! No wonder, more that 70% of the students of BTC opt for a career of independent Tax Consultants after completion of the PCAT Course.

Through a professional team, Bengal Tax Counsel also provides free counseling to its ex-students and even to outsiders, for their all career related problems, whether they are in service or in practice, as and when they require it.

Bengal Tax Counsel - Promoting Self Employment
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